Bowl: Maple, purpleheart,  Ebon-X,  cherry,

                    dyed anigre veneer

                 5-1/4" dia. x 2" high  

                         #102     $175

Price includes applicable sales tax and shipping

My shop is small and there's not a lot of room for stashing all the cut-off scraps I'd like to keep, especially those where the repeated cutting and gluing took longer to make a lamination than making the piece itself. This was made from leftover wedges from what used to be a signature design of a much larger bowl from my days of doing craft shows. I wouldn't go out of my way to make one "on purpose."

Sorry, this piece has sold, there were two of them. I plan to make a small series of a similar design, different woods but they're not in the works yet. If you're interested I'll get interested too and nudge it upwards in my to-do list; please get in touch by email: