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      Bowl: Gingko, dyed anigre and cherry veneer

           5.75" dia  x 2.25" high    #106   $100

Many years ago I made an edition of ornaments for the Southern Highland Craft Guild. I used a colorfully patterned Italian recomposed veneer, cut and glued many times over into poplar hardwood to get an interesting random design. The edition yielded hundreds of oddly angled scraps that I still have, convinced they can be repurposed for something other than keeping us warm in winter, they're too cool to toss. This bowl was an attempt at that. Sanding and gluing the angled little pieces tried my patience. It's an odd piece but I'm certain it's the only one on the planet. I'll probably make a few more, someday. Not today.

      Bowl: Poplar with recomposed veneer

           5.5" dia  x 2.25" high    #108   $250

     top view,

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scraps, recomposed veneer

Sorry, this piece has sold. This one will be difficult to recreate, I'm not sure how exactly I did it but have an ample supply of the scraps to work up another one similar to this. If you're interested I'll get interested too; please get in touch by email: