Multilayered miniature bowls & vessels

These are smaller versions of a body of work I made from 1994 through 2006. I intended to develop them a few years from now; Covid 19 provided that window of time much sooner.

Unlike the reductive process of turning I use several different laminating techniques to build up a patterned slab from 5-10mm thick from hardwood and veneer. The layout can be ordered or random patterns ranging from a few accent lines to some featuring over 1,000 individual color facets per square inch. From this beginning slab I make a series of band saw cuts creating angled rings; when glued together they form the basic shape of a bowl, chalice or vase. Often the entire bowl emerges from the one slab. Most of the shaping is done freehand with drum and disc sanders,  ending on the lathe for further refining and applying a French polish finish giving them a high lustre. All pieces are signed and dated. Also, size matters: smaller doesn't mean easier or faster to make, it can be quite the opposite and more tedious. Or fun, depending on the day.....

My thanks to collegues and mentors Michael Mode, Peter Petrochko, Jim and Pat McPhail for their combined generosity with advice and friendly support along the way.

                     Available pieces

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Fine handcrafted jewelry and multilayered miniature vessels in wood by Buzz Coren

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